INTERNSHIP –  Roles & Responsibilities :
  1. INTERN INDUCTION – Create a Video based on the Youtube-Channel-link and send via whatsapp to your supervisor.
  2. Digital Marketing – Social Media Promotion:   Click    Link-for-Reference
  •  Please  Connect to VQMS networks :   Social-Media & update yourself as – working at VQMS Pvt Ltd. as Management Trainee. Also, Develop strategies to expand followers for VQMS networks. Update at your Cover Photos of Social media – Click-Link
  • Click to download images, used for Digital Marketing & promotion (Daily 1-3 Image)  : DM-Pics-1    DM-Pics-2
  • Create Blog (min 2 pages – 500-750 words) with VQMS hyperlinks based content writing, and share to social media networks or other relevant blogs – Download-Sample-Blog.
  • Create 2-3 Videos based on keywords using VQMS logo, if you are good in creativity or animation, and generate followers.
  • Write review at GoogleReviews   FBreview  INTERNsreview, Indeed, Linkedin, JustDial
  • use CANVA for creating Poster design and send to VQMS for review
  • Create your Advt. for promotion at | | | | | | | | | | | | | (Discuss with VQMS representative)
  1. DATA RESEARCH WORK : (Finance – Mgmt – IT)
  • Create GoogleForm – Link  , Click  [ New –> More –> GoogleForms ]  to create googleform.
  • Based on Keywords :   VQMS-Keywords (choose one OR two keyword on discussion with VQMS)     
  • Sample Googleforms : SixSigmaCertification   LeadAuditor  InternationalAccreditation  Internship+4Certifications   
  • Do create similar google forms based on keyword and do Data Research Survey with min 150-200 data, been filled from internet i.e interested Audience,
  • On finalization of Googleform, goto googledrive – Drive-Link , –> Rightclick over googleform  –> click at Share  –> then at Invite people  –> enter –> done. so that, if required , necessary changes can be done from VQMS end towards finalization of google form.
  • Based on the form responses, have quick conversation with the clients, and identify his requirements.

        4.   Industrial Work :

  • Interns will be provided with Industrial Data, so as to send proposal to min 150-200 emails at alternate days and 90 SMS daily, & have regular coordination with Sr. Management for VQMS services.
  • Select one industry from Industry-Link, for  India  & one Abroad Location (eg. Nepal) , identify the email-ids from google, &  Send the proposal.
  • Corporate / Industrial meet roles will be assigned during FULL time joining.

        5. Please  send  STATUS Sheet   to INFO@VQMS.CO.IN  on regular basis , as a mark of attendance , and call your supervisor twice in a week for performance monitoring discussion.

[ NOTE :  Students who are not serious towards Working, not regular , with no-focused attention, Their INTERNSHIP will be cancelled, with due NOTICE (once or twice)

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